Spices and Condiments

Flavored Oils Truffle or Porcini mushrooms flavoured oil prepared using the best extra virgin olive oil. Use only few drops to give an unmistakable taste to each dish: pasta, rice, meat, stuffed dishes, omelettes, salads.
Spicy Herbs: mixture of herbs to use for sauces, tarts and bruschette (toasted bread).Herbs dressing for roast: mixture of aromatic herbs for dressing meat and vegetables.
Truffle Salt Salt flakes with black truffle, crunchy and tasty, it's ideal for hamburgers, steak, grilled fish, steamed veggies, pop corns, French fries.
Balsamic Vinegar Selection These balsamic vinegars can give an unconventional flair to fish or meat carpaccio, fruit, cheese, icecream.
Acetolio: It is an ideal dressing for salads, caprese, grilled meat nad fish, fresh cheese, appetizers,salads.