The recipes of mounth


Ingredients 4 servings:
500gr strangozzi , 100gr Extra virgin olive oil , 100gr whole washed Truffles, 2 cloves garlic, 1 anchovy fillet, salt and pepper.

To cook pasta you'll need about 4 lt water each 500g of pasta. Cook the pasta for 11 minutes in salted boiling water.
In the meanwhile wash carefully the truffle and dry it for preparing the sauce. Heat the oil in a frying pan, add the garlic and the anchovy in pieces. Mix everything until the anchovy is completely dissolved and the garlic slightly gilded. Remove from the fire.
Take off the garlic, let the sauce cool then add the truffles, (sliced or, even better, ground), salt to taste.
Drain the Strangozzi "al dente", put them in the same saucepan (where you have just prepared the sauce) and stir over a high flame for a few minutes, season with just ground black pepper. Decorate with slices of truffle.




2 cups flour type "0", 3 eggs, a little grated lemon zest. (1 egg serves 2 people)

The success of the "Frascarelli" depends on the firmness and delicate quickness with which this operation is performed. Heat 3/4l of water in a pot , add salt (10g per liter). Put the flour on the pastry board. Beat the eggs in a bowl and drop the egg using a whisk or a fork over the flour. Work gently the flour with your fingertips so that the flour sticks to the egg drops. Do not press! Put the result into a fine sieve: shake and here are the Frascarelli! They should look like rice or cous-cous. Drop the Frascarelli into boiling salted water and let them cook until they float. Drain and season the Frascarelli with some Truffle Butter, fresh White truffle or your favorite Tartufi Bianconi Sauce.


This kind of pasta was originally served in broth and represented the poor version of the rich "Stracciatella soup". You can season Frascarelli in a thousand of different ways but we recommend sautéed asparagus and fried bacon or diced fresh tomatoes spiced with "Spicy Herbs" by Tartufi Bianconi. Frascarelli are superb with Fresh truffle of course!