Truffle Delicacies

The best of the Central Italy food combined with the essence of the Umbrian Truffle: delicious products, ideal for any occasions. The Truffle Pearls give an intense twist of truffle to your dishes and are also a beautiful deocration.

The Truffle Honey pairs wonderfully with soft cheese but also with more aged ones, like parmigiano.
The Truffle flavored Balsamico Vinegar Reduction gives an extravagant twist to fish and meat carpaccio, fruit, cheese or icecream. The Potato flakes for puré is very easy to use and in a few minutes you can make an elegant side dish, velvety and tasty. The Pecorino Cheese (sheepmilkcheese) looks great on a tagliere (cutboard), but you can also grate it on the pasta, use it to make cheese fondue or terrines.